Wilson Palacios Said England is Amazing

The midfielder of Stoke City heading to his second World Cup with the hope that football might inspire his home country which is in trouble. Wilson Palacios, midfielder of Stoke City these days talking about his respect for Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard, the two England players who he admire and respect the most, at the time when a question turned whether the midfielder has found out any possible weak point to exploit in team of Roy Hodgson in Miami on the night of Saturday.

Palacios said, “About England, I could never say anything bad, he said this shaking his head. He further added, “Nothing bad can ever come out of my mouth for England as it is my second country and I have great respect for the same.”

He said, I have spent a good amount of time in Palacios’s company and after this; it is hard to imagine that this nice man speaks something bad about someone. Might be because of the same reason, Harry Redknapp once spoke about him and said, “He is a great guy and you would never find a great person like him.” Even at the time when Palacios disclosed about his frustration that started during his initial two years at Stoke City and shared some bizarre story related to Tony Pulis he still gave more emphasis on everyone should always respect their manager.

Palacios is a hard-working and a low maintenance player and Redknapp got to know about his amazement at the time when he was the manager of Tottenham Hotspur. He was the one who never caused any fuss and this he even followed when he was 29-years and was going through some of the most difficult time of his life. He is an understanding and a balanced personality.