US Women’s Soccer Team Granted Equal Pay

The judge who was presiding over the case of women’s national soccer team of the United States’ lawsuit of gender discrimination against U.S. Soccer has granted players a class status. This is an important victory for women who supported the claim that they do not get equal pay or equal working conditions when they represented their country in the game.

The class action had been sought in September and they argued that the working compensation and conditions which they were contesting are applicable not only on the 28 plaintiffs who have been named but is also on any woman who has been a part of the game or the national team camp over a multi-year period that has been mentioned in the suit.

  1. Gary Klausner, the judge of the United States District Court for California’s Central District passed a ruling which doesn’t conclude if the allegations of the player against the federation had been true or if the US Soccer had breached the federal low. It just noted that the player had met the burden of being taken as a class instead of an individual.

The player of the Women’s Soccer team has been contesting their case of equal pay from several years from the US Soccer. They want equal treatment not just in soccer but in every athletic field. Kara Goucher, Allyson Felix, and Alysia Montano said that have experienced reduced compensation from the sponsors of their shoe as they had children. This revelation made Nike adjust certain policies.

Ada Hegerberg, the world’s best player in women’s soccer from Norway skipped the World Cup for Women’s last support as a protest what she had said that the federation didn’t support the women’s program. The player of America took on US Soccer by filing a complaint of wage discrimination and later on the lawsuit the gender discrimination lawsuit.