Peter Crouch is slightly irked at Stoke right now

To go from being the leader of the attack of the club to be a bench warmer which he has become, this is a sort of demotion which is ego-hurting for Crouch and frankly, it would be ego-hurting for any player in the world.

But, Crouch does not have unrealistic views at all and he actually accepts that in mid-thirties, appearing in all the matches is unlikely for him or for anyone who is of that age. The younger players dominate the pecking order everywhere.

However, he reckons he is surely doing sufficiently in training to be at least on the brink of selection and have a go every now and then whenever the manager thinks of rotation or whatever.

But, there have been very few match days when Mark Hughes has remembered him. The England legend has taken it very graciously though.

According to Crouch, it’s just not in his nature that he would let the frustration get to him and scream publicly or say something offending about someone. Everyone in the coaching staff, including the manger himself, sees how he is training and if and when his selection is made, his intention will be the same and that is to do the best for the team.

There were sides from lower divisions who had come enquiring for Crouch in winter, but, the forward would not have been too keen on those offers at that time probably hoping that Mark Hughes would have him in the frame later on in the season for his experience.

But, having seen it not happening, he would perhaps not mind considering any of the offers that come to him after May. The Stoke contract is alive until June 2017 though.