Stoke City signed John Guidetti for the remainder of the current season, Guidetti is a young rising star that has been wanted by a number of Premier League clubs for the past few months but ultimately, Manchester City decided to give him some experience outside of the Etihad Stadium and concluded with a move to Stoke City.

The 21 years old forward is not experiencing the best of times as he has already expressed the frustration he has and concerns surrounding his lack of games in his new club.

Guidetti was not used at all during Stoke City’s match against Chelsea as they played in the FA Cup and had to settle to play as a substitute player during their match against Crystal Palace where he managed to appear in the pitch for 11 minutes.

The Swedish forward has recently recovered from a stomach bug and had to miss a training session for his team but according to him, he is ready to play with his new club and teammates.

“You are a bit angry when you are left out. I feel really good and the training sessions have been as good as they could have been. I had a stomach bug; I woke up on the Thursday with something to do with my stomach. So I hadn’t trained since Thursday. But still, I travelled to Stamford Bridge.

“I know what’s in Hughes’s mind that it is about the stomach that I haven’t trained. I can understand that a little bit. But I got a lot of positive feedback after the last game. That felt good. I had minutes against Crystal Palace and everyone thought I did bloody well. Then you think you are going to get the chance again. If we’d been banging in the goals you maybe could understand it’’. Guidetti said when he was questioned about his current situation at Stoke City.