Claros To Replace Palacios On Starting Line Up

The manager of the Honduras national football team, Luis Fernando Suarez, has said that it’s Jorge Claros who would be included in the starting line up on the place of Wilson Palacios for the upcoming World Cup match against Ecuador.

Palacios is going through a suspension period at the moment and thus, he would not be available for selection in tomorrow’s match.

The match against Ecuador is almost a do-or-die one for Honduras. They can’t afford another bad performance in that match. They have already lost one match by a big margin of 3-0 i.e. against France. So, another defeat would mean that they get very close to getting knocked out from the World Cup.

Claros for Palacios is not the only change that Suarez would be making tomorrow. He has hinted that quite a few other changes would be made as well.

According to Suarez, the way his team played against France, it was bizarre. Some of the players were very, very irresponsible.

Suarez will have his eyes on the match between France and Switzerland too which will be played before the match between his team and Ecuador. If that match ends in the form of a draw, then, the Ecuador game would become a must-win for Honduras, but, if France defeats Switzerland, then, Honduras can still remain in the race even after losing to Ecuador.

However, no team wants to get into that sort of scenario and Honduras is no different. They would also be looking to win, no matter what happens in that France-Switzerland game.

From Group E, France is almost certain to make it to the knockouts, but, for the second place, there is a tough fight between the other three teams in the group i.e. Honduras, Ecuador and Switzerland.

Ecuador had also lost its first match against Switzerland by 1-2.