An Overview On Steve Bruce’s Love For Honduran Footballer

Wilson Palacios, the Honduran midfielder did have his share of his struggles in the past, but it did not change his passion for football. Palacios brother was kidnapped in Honduras and he had decided to quit the game soon after the incident took place. However, he realized that his brother always wanted him to become a renowned footballer which made him continue to play. Palacios always loved football and as a family, he took a decision that he should continue.  When he returned to England with the hope to play football again, Alex McLeish was already appointed as a manager in Birmingham. In spite of seeing only a few glimpses of Palacios performances, Scot did find a way in 2008 and offered him an opportunity of a reunion at Wigan with Bruce. The contract for three and a half year was signed by Palacios.

It was less than a week than Palacios became a part of the JJB Stadium through a fellow countryman. During that time, Maynor Figueroa was on a contract from Olimpia on a short trial. As far as the beginning of the season was concerned, Wigan managed to beat 12 times but in the 2nd half, Figueroa and Palacios started to set up themselves in the side. This made them improve quite a bit and they completed with a 14th position. They saw progress in the upcoming campaign too, as they finished 11th and the club during that time was represented by footballers from 16 nationalities which included Hugo Rodallega from Colombia and Antonia Valencia.

Bruce said he was happy with the performances shown by Wilson and the outcome was that they managed to make a few best contacts in Honduras.  The performances of Palacios did make him earn £13million movement to Tottenham as he helped him to qualify in the Champions League quarterfinals. Thus, Wilson has always been passionate about football and has given his best performances so far.