Alessandro Nesta Happy to Be Coach of Miami FC

Miami FC manager Alessandro Nesta says that he is happy to be coaching in the United States.

Regarded as one of the greatest defenders of this generation,Nesta has entered into the coaching world with a small step with Miami FC. Even though a player of his pedigree will receive coaching offers from around the world especially at the top of the game, Nesta has tried to go to the basic levels of the game in order to start from the scratch. This will give him a lot of experience when he eventually steps into the top level.

MLS is the top league in the United States, but Miami FC are part of the NASL league. It is a step just below the MLS, but one that will not provide Nesta with the opportunity to coach in the top division with his current club. It is because MLS does not have the concept of promotion and relegation. Nesta, though, is not worried at this aspect and he is purely concentrating on doing well with his current outfit. Miami have started the season well and have been doing reasonably good until the last two weeks of the campaign. Back-to-back defeats have seen Miami slip from the top three places in the table.

“The new team in Miami is working. The people love our team. On the field we are OK. I’m happy to coach in this league. Our owners spent a lot of money last month on three or four players, so we have to go win the league. For me, we have a good team to go try. I think to coach here you have to forget the past. If you think about the past, it is impossible. Soccer is very different (here). Every year it is better in this country. In Miami, everyone is playing soccer,” said Nesta.