After failing his trial with Hull City, Palacios joined Miami FC

Wilson Palacios struggled to get consistent playing time as a player of Stoke City, this was mainly due to injuries which hampered him for a long period of time and the Honduran player was released from the club even before his contract with the Premier League club had reached it’s end.

When everything was officially confirmed and Palacios was indeed released from Stoke City, Hull City snapped up the Honduran midfielder on trial but he was never truly able to impress the coach Steve Bruce and unfortunately for Palacios, a permanent contract wasn’t offered to him.

Steve Bruce even revealed details and updates concerning the situation of Wilson Palacios. Hull “Wilson needs games having not played for the last 12 months. You can see he needs games. The more he trains the better he will become.
You can see he still has nice touches on the ball, but he needs to improve his fitness levels at the moment.” Bruce said as he was optimistic and confident that Palacios was going to get back in the pitch and return better than ever but it never happened.

Palacios is now working alongside Alessandro Nesta as a player of the MLS side Miami FC. Alessandro Nesta is the current coach of the American outfit which has as a co-owner, the legendary defender Paolo Maldini who is considered by many to be the best left-back in the history of the sport.

Miami FC is scheduled to start playing games in April of the ongoing year as it was founded recently in 2015 but they are everything ready to get things started and play matches in the North American Soccer League which is the 2nd tier of American soccer structure.

Jaime Chavez, Dario Cvitanich, Dane Richards, Brad Rusin, David Sierra, Blake Smith and Mario Daniel Vega are the current officially confirmed players which are in the roster of Alessandro Nesta but a few more players are expected to join before they start competing in the American League.